Statistics report

Reports to statistical bodies are developed in an electronic form. The organization should apply to statistical body with application where registered and conclude contract with statistical body. Then the organization is given code for electronic submission of the report. To get acquainted with electronic submission of reports to statistical bodies, click on this link:

As other legal entities, NGOs also should submit reports to Statistical bodies in a manner and period envisaged by the legislation. NGOs submit monthly and annual reports to statistical bodies.

Monthly reports are submitted on the basis of labor form N4 until 15th of the month following the reporting month.

NGOs submit two annual reports: 1) “on labor” – annual official statistical report form N1-labor – is submitted no later than 8th of February every year. 2) Report on income and expenses of non-commercial organizations – Form N1-QKT – is submitted by 30th of March every year.

For above mentioned report forms click on the link: