SSPF reports

NGOs submit quarterly and annual reports on calculated and paid compulsory state social insurance fees and other received amounts to SSPF bodies where registered. Quarterly report B1 should be submitted to SSPF body no later than 20th of the first month following the quarter and separately for each quarter. If 20th of April, July, October and January coincide with non-working days, the deadline for submitting the reports is extended by the first working day following the 20th of the month. Annual report B3 should be submitted every year by March 1 of the following year.

Reports are submitted in an electronic form. Firstly, you should chose “E-services” section in the official website of SSPF ( and then “Submission of reports and data on mandatory social insurance” service in “Interactive services” section. Clicking “Help” button on the right side of the screen get the necessary information for registration, and then application form should be filled out electronically clicking “Registration of new user” button. After registration, to obtain user code, password and parole you should apply to local body of SSPF where registered. After obtaining user code, password and parole, reports can be developed appropriately and sent in an electronic form entering official website of SSPF ( and clicking “E-services” section and using “Submission of reports and data on mandatory social insurance” service in the section of “Interactive services”.