Registration in the State Social Protection Fund

After receiving TIN upon registration with the tax authorities, NGO should also be accounted in the State Social Protection Fund.

  • The organizations registered in Baku should apply to the Department for legal entities of Baku city of State Social Protection Fund;
  • The organizations registered in the other cities and regions should apply to the relevant departments of State Social Protection Fund in the regions.

Registration is conducted online. Therefore, NGO should get “Asan Signature” (Mobil ID) or “E-Signature” and apply to SSPF in the prescribed manner. The procedure in accordance with on-line registration can be found via this link in detail. The NGOs who have difficulty with online registration can also be registered applying directly to the local departments of SSPF.

Registration certificate is submitted to the NGO after registration. Registration date of the organization in SSPF and registration number are indicated in the certificate, thus the organization regulates relations with SSPF by this number.