Registration of Public Union

Public Union willing the state registration must present the following documents to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  • Application to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan; (Sample 1)
  • Charter of Public Union; (Sample 2)
  • Decisions on establishment of Public Union, approval of charter and formation of governing bodies; (Sample 3)
  • Document confirming the legal address (consent application of property owner and notarized copy of the document indicating ownership of the land shown as a legal address); (Sample 4)
  • A document on payment of the state fee;
  • If the founder is a legal entity – notarized copies of certificate about state registration (extract from state registry) and the charter;
  • If the founders are physical person, copy of the documents confirming the identity of individuals;
  • When legal representative is appointed, copy of the document confirming the identity;
  • If the founder (founders) is a foreigner who have the right of permanent residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan and stateless persons, the document confirming their right of permanent residence;
  • The document on the appointment of deputy head of branch or representative offices of non-governmental organizations whose founders are foreigners or foreign legal entities;

Sample 1: To the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Sample 2. Charter of Public Union

Sample 3. Decision of Constituent Assembly

Sample 4. Consent application on legal address

This is a sample and the indicated information is conditional ( names, objectives and duties, dates, addresses, number of founders). Objective, rights and responsibilities of each organization is defined according to scope of activities. As well as, other terms and conditions provided in the charter can be used making changes in accordance with the requirements of legislation depending on the desires of the founders.